Northern Rose Medspa's Journey

In 2009, our medspa bloomed into existence, initially nurtured by Lottie, an esteemed aesthetician practicing since 2001. Known then as Chrysalis, the Medspa served as a place from which countless transformations came. Lottie's devotion and cosmetic artistry fostered a sought-after retreat, where every service was performed with expertise and care.

After fourteen years of Lottie's commitment to her clients, building Chrysalis, the time came to step into retirement and cherish moments with loved ones. The businesses was passed to MJ Jeanotte in December of 2022. With this transition, the reimagining of our Medspa took place, and Northern Rose Medspa unfolded with a new identity and vision.

Our new focus

Our focus on cutting-edge technology, innovative equipment, and the latest in medical services has been intensified under MJ's ownership. A refreshed website and expanded social media presence show our commitment to staying connected to our cherished clients, both old and new, while maintaining the much-loved essence of our familiar location.

We've embraced growth and change, through substantial renovations that breathe new life into Northern Rose Medspa. The deconstruction of barriers, fresh layers of paint, modern flooring, and innovative equipment are more than just physical enhancements—they symbolize our open-hearted welcome to you and your personal path to rejuvenation.

From the owner

MJ here! If you've gotten this far, thank you for reading our story. Northern Rose Medspa has come a long way, but we are just getting started. I want to welcome each and every one of you to join our community of individuals passionate about beauty and wellness. I am confident that you will, not only love our services, but fall in love with the process of embracing true beauty, from the inside out. Thank you for being part of our journey and cheers to continuing to grow, while leaving a legacy of  beauty in it's full bloom

MJ Johnson